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Alaskan Kenai River Fishing Notes From Zac Lloyd:

Alaska King Salmon Run:

  • The first run of king salmon starts in early may and continues through the end of June. The run usually averages 6,000-15,000 king salmon.
  • The Kenai is a trophy fishery of Alaska. The kings in the Kenai are genetic freaks they stay out in the saltwater longer and get bigger than many of the other rivers. Fish and game have put a slot limit anything smaller than 44" you can keep. Any king 44"-55" are the big genetic stock that they want to spawn to produce more large king salmon for years to come. Any fish larger than 55" the angler has the right to keep and have to be taken to fish and game office to be sealed.
  • Alaska Fish and Game restrict sport guided anglers to 5 days a week Tuesday through Saturday. Time is very limited to go after this special run of king salmon. If it's something you might be interested in fishing for, BOOK EARLY. Space is very limited and many people book up to a year in advance. Call Zac Lloyd for available spaces now: 907-252-6524.

Sockeye Run:

  • The first run of sockeye head up to the Russian river. The season starts mid June and continues until the early part of July. This run of sockeye is smaller than the second run, but are plentiful.
  • 2nd run of kings starts the 1st of July and goes through the 31st of July.
  • This run of kings is generally the larger of the two runs averaging 20,000-50,000 kings depending on the year.
  • 2nd run of Sockeye fishing is plentiful. The run usually gets stronger by the 12th of July until the 5 of august. Most years this run of sockeye is over a 1,000,000 fish.

What to Expect From Your Kenai Trip:

  • We will be able to go after salmon of some sort whether it be kings, sockeye, or both, it just depends on what current regulations are. Your limit of kings is one per day per angler. Once you catch, and if you decide to keep the king, you must put your pole away for the rest of the fishing trip. However if we are going for sockeye you'll be able to catch 3 and sometimes as many as 6 sockeye per person.

Silver Salmon Run:

  • Our first run of Silver salmon gets going august 1st and continues till the 31 of august. These fish are very acrobatic usually running between 8-14lbs. Fishing for these feisty fish is good for all ages. Your allowed 2 silver salmon per person.
  • The second run of silver salmon over laps the first run 1st of September. This is when these bigger silvers start coming in and continue to keep coming in until the end of September. As of September 1 the limit of silver goes to three silvers per person.

Pink Salmon:

  • The Kenai gets a run of pink salmon every even year, and these fish are usually around 3-6lbs. This run of pink salmon that only show up on even years flood the river with their presence which makes it a lot of fun for kids it literally non stop action. Thou this species of salmon isn't the most desirable for eating they are still a easy fish to catch. Provides a great opportunity for youngsters to take a liking to fishing. The limit on pink salmon is 6 per person.

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