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Kasilof River Fishing Notes From Zac Lloyd:

King Salmon Run:

The river has a healthy 1st run of king salmon though smaller (12-30lbs). Many of these fish are averaging 15-20lbs, and much more plentiful than the Kenai. The 1st run has a bag limit of two fish per person. One of the few rivers to offer that

  • 1st run starts in mid May through the end of June.
  •  King fishing on the Kasilof has less regulation than the Kenai as far as still being able to fish after you've caught a king salmon. The Kenai regulations say that once you catch a king if not released you must stop fishing.

2nd Run of Kings:

  • 2nd run of king salmon starts July 1st until July 31st. The river has a strong run 2nd of king salmon. Bigger than the first run of fish averaging 15-50lbs, with some being larger than 50lbs.

Sockeye Salmon Run:

  • June 20th or so the Kasilof starts getting it's run of sockeye salmon those can be caught right from shore. They are 3-10lbs, and the run usually peaks towards the end of June first part of July.

Silver Salmon Run:

  • August 1st silver season starts and continues till mid September. Silvers are usually around 8-14lbs a few bigger and some smaller. Silvers are a fun fish to catch for all age ranges. The limit is 2 per person. They are very acrobatic feisty fish to catch.
  • Silver fisherman must have a fishing license prior to the fishing trip

It's all about location:

Location, location, location. Since Glacier Run Outfitters is centrally located on the Kasilof river it makes your fishing trip customized to be able to fish early in the morning and be able to fish the water prior to many others being able to, which gives you a better chance at landing your fish. Also tides play a big part in when to fish the river. Glacier Run Outfitters sets at the perfect location for being able to time the tide fishing. Another big advantage over many of the other fisherman.

  • Cook Inlet which is the body of water that the Kasilof and Kenai river flows into has the second largest tides in the world ranging from 12ft-30ft of tidal movement.
  • Tustumena lake is the head waters of the Kasilof river. The lake is 27 miles long, making it the third largest lake in Alaska. The Kasilof river is just 16 miles from head waters to mouth.

Drift Boat Fishing:

I enjoy fishing the Kasilof out of a drift boat. It's quiet non-motorized makes it a unique experience. It's much less crowded versus the Kenai though it is growing in popularity.

  • The Kasilof river is mainly fished from a drift boat. I use a 20ft Willie drift boat with Gloomis rods and Shimano bait caster reels. All gear is top quality giving you the best chance of landing your fish.
  • I mainly fish a method called back trolling but also fish back bouncing depending on location or tides.
  • Any fisherman wanting to target king salmon must have a fishing license as well as a king stamp prior to the fishing trip
  • I also recommend bringing camera, rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, what ever you'd like to drink and snack on.
  • I take ultra good care of all of the equipment as well as provide you with the best there is. All of this is to try and provide you with the best trip possible.

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