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Alaskan Eco Tours with Zac Lloyd

Drift the Beautiful Kasilof River:

If fishing isn't your thing, perhaps a drift boat tour? Experience a float trip in a drift boat on the glacier fed Kasilof river from the head waters to the tide water. This 3-4 hr trip will give you a full appreciation for a beautiful and scenic Alaskan river. Along the way take in the chance to see wildlife such as beaver, moose, caribou, squirrels, bears (black and brown), eagles and many species of birds. This is a peaceful way to enjoy a great trip on one of Alaska's hidden less traveled jewels.

Tustumena Lake Tour By Power Boat:

Tustumena lake eco tours are an exploration many people never see. This third largest lake in Alaska, and bountiful of wildlife. Take this 3-4hr power boat trip. Best of all it is just a few minutes of a drive from Glacier Run Outfitters. Then hop in the 21ft Willie power boat and head up stream at the head waters of the glacier fed Kasilof river taking you to Tustumena lake. This lake is 27 miles long with breathe taking views of the mountains as well as the raw beauty of Tustumena glacier. Tustumena is home to many different types of wildlife, which also has many of the tributaries that many of the salmon go to spawn. If your wanting to get off the beaten path this will for sure take you into Alaska's last frontier! Enjoy this unspoiled part of Alaska, weather permitting.

Russian River Eco Tours:

Commute a little over an hour to the trail head for a hiking tour taking 2.3 miles one way (4.6 round trip) over a gravel trail into the Russian river. Along the journey your surrounded by snow capped mountains. There's plentiful wildlife to see on nearby mountains (binoculars are a plus). Once into the falls you'll see the Russian river dropping in elevation a 100 or more feet in a short distance making for a beautiful view. Definitely not unheard of to see a brown bear or two at the base of the falls feeding on sockeye as they are heading upstream to reach their spawning grounds. This trip is a 4- 4-1/2 hr hike and is moderately easy.

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